Judges’ Insights: Philippe Brodeur

July 7th, 2016

The first judge to feature in the eir Spiders blog series is TV pioneer Philippe Brodeur. Philippe brings energy, passion and expertise in abundance to our judging panel. As Founder and CEO of Hot Air Media and Overcast; he is a perfect fit for spotting the tech talent amongst the entries each year.

Heralding the eir Spiders as the Oscars of the Irish tech and digital industry, Philippe recognises the part the Awards programme has played in promoting and nurturing a vision for Ireland as a global tech and digital leader. As our nation garners a reputation for outstanding achievement in the technological and digital fields, Philippe welcomes the variety of entries from ‘Mom & Pop’ businesses to multinationals, further validating Ireland as an epicentre of innovation.

When asked about the purpose and importance of the Awards in recognising and rewarding creativity, innovation and tech achievements in Ireland, Philippe explains how it is vital to highlight how our tech and digital space has grown in spite of our small market size. “Having the vision to look beyond our shores is part of our DNA and we need to do all we can to nurture that vision”, he says.

When we cast our attention to the categories, Philippe admits his passion for what he views as one of the most contested categories; Best in News, Publishing and Entertainment. The quality of entries here is paramount with past winners showing skills which would top the lists in any country in the world.

In what Philippe delightfully describes as a night of “geeks, grog and good times”, the eir Spiders is a benchmark for tech and digital accomplishment and something sought after for most businesses starting out online. “If you are serious, then hold on tight cause it’s a hell of a ride!” he cautions. And for those of you hoping to amaze the judges this year, Philippe advises your entry to demonstrate innovation, growth, simplicity and clarity; make it compelling to reward!


Philippe Brodeur