What when down at the Dublin digital workshop?

October 6th, 2016

Spiders Workshop - Social Media IMG

It was an early start Friday morning! But I suppose if we were in for a day of learning then it was only suitable to be reminded of the days our mums had to drag us out of bed for school.  Not to mention, the eir Spiders team were excited to get another #SpidersWorkshop underway. So we got up and got to eir HQ just before 7am – bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

You can check out all the photos here!


The day’s line-up was nothing short of brilliant. We had some of the industry’s leading digital marketing experts on offer – and we have to say their presentations were engaging, interesting, interactive (any volunteers for Ross?) and best of all, refreshing (yes Louis we are talking to you!)

Once we all had some (several cups of) coffee and brekkie, guests, speakers and the Spiders team were ready to kick-off just before 9am – again, an early morning reminiscent of those sleepy school mornings.


Firstly, we had Colin Meagle, the master moderator. We have to commend Colin’s punctuality – he had just hosted his own (hugely successful) event the night before, the inaugural Continuum Labs event – and he still managed to bring an informative and enthusiastic air to the workshop! Thanks Colin J



Iris Daly gave the first presentation of the day; an eir Business case study which detailed the transformation of the eir website, resulting in increased e-commerce sales. Iris’s step-by-step outline of how their website was optimised was clear, concise and easily adaptable by SMEs looking to ensure that their customers can easily navigate their site, staying on course to the check-out.


Next up was Vroom Digital’s Shane Curtin and The Magnificent 7. No, no, not Chris Pratt, Denzel and the cast of the latest Western. BUT, The Magnificent 7 Digital Nuggets that can help SMEs get themselves noticed online!


It may seem like 7 simple steps to success, but Shane was right! And, oftentimes businesses overlook the simplest of solutions. We’ve got to go mobile, we’ve got to get our businesses up the ranks of a Google search, we’ve got to invest, and we’ve got to get talking, not selling. AND, we have got to get using the FREE tools that are out there for all us to use.

Colin wasn’t the only Continuum rep in the room – we were delighted to welcome Coman Fullard to teach us a thing or two about 2x business via a Digital Strategy.


It’s not warfare but we need tactics!

If we want to double our business, double our customer base or even double website conversions, we don’t have to double our workload. Instead, we need to devise a strategy that will lead us down the conversion funnel like it’s leading us into battle.


Make it Simple,
and Measurable.

What’s a digital marketing workshop without the director of the Digital Marketing Institute? That’s right; Anthony Quigley was in house giving us a few lessons on how SMEs can Drive Business through Content Marketing.


If Content is King, then we were given the royal treatment as Anthony narrated his way through the Digital Marketing Institute’s journey – from humble beginnings to possible world domination!


Create. Share. Engage. The ultimate guidebook in getting your message heard. With an incredibly impressive amount of growth since 2008 (business doubling year-on-year!), we think it would be wise to heed the advice of this digital guru.

The next pundit into the arena was Ross O’Dwyer. A man with no slides is no less a man as Ross aptly displayed – choosing to give us an interactive presentation with the kind help of some familiar (slightly hesitant) looking volunteers! 🙂


The Pundit Arena co-founder has transformed how sports fans can contribute to sports journalism. It’s arguably one of the most active and engaging sports news sites out there today! Not one to stick to tradition, Ross opted to give his two volunteers a crash course in realising your business objectives and visualising how to get there.


Last but certainly not least, Louis Grenier of Slices Consulting, served up his Plat du Jour. An honest and clear-cut depiction of how businesses should talk to their audiences with the necessary proclamation of Death to Marketing BS!

At Slices, they have taken a refreshing approach to marketing by taking time out to talk to their customers and to treat their customers well. And they, and their clients, have witnessed some great results by constantly keeping their long-term goal in focus – To create customers and make them come back.

YES it is that easy! In the words of Louis:

Easy = True

Authenticity = Trust

So be yourself, be kind and be successful!


So, we all came away with new ideas, new knowledge and new contacts! Throw in a couple of Q&A panel discussions, more coffee and free notebooks, and I think we can safely say it was a successful day!


The eir Spiders has always sourced and celebrated Ireland’s Best in Tech; the people and companies behind the most creative, engaging and compelling campaigns, projects and websites. And, our #SpidersWorkshop speakers have clearly kept this tradition alive!

We really can’t thank them enough for their time, their insights and expertise. 🙂

In case you missed their presentations on the day, you can see them all here.