MC Panti at the eir Spiders!

November 17th, 2016 MC Panti at the eir Spiders!

A night of “gongs and good times” is what lies ahead at the 2016 eir Spider Awards and with only 2 weeks to go, we felt it was time to give you all a taste of what’s to come!


The eir Spiders are now celebrating their 21st year and undoubtedly are renowned as the Oscars of the digital industry. And although we take pride in recognising and rewarding the creativity and technical expertise of Ireland’s businesses and organisations, we also take pride in hosting one hell of a show!


Ireland has become known as the epicentre of innovation – something which has helped the Awards grow from strength to strength as the calibre of entries each year constantly improves. But let’s face it, our reputation as a digital hub is equal to that of our reputation as a gregarious and jovial nation. And so, it’s only fitting that we should throw a fete with as much creativity as our shortlistees.

First of all, we’re delighted to be back in the Double Tree – this hotel boasts the best location in the heart of the city centre and the right amount of grandeur to complement the Oscars of the Tech World.

Next, we’ve changed things up a bit this year. Rewarding your digital excellence is our dearest commitment here at Spiders HQ, but entertaining you is also our sincerest promise. So we’ve hired Pop Gods to keep the tunes going with 80s, 90s and Noughties hits – ensuring that music is pumping and the dancefloor rocking.


As always, we’re going to have a few games and gimmicks to keep you occupied! Not to mention some spot prizes which will be revealed on the night and goodie-bags to give you a small piece of the eir Spiders to take home!

Pop Gods, Prizes, Goodies and Games. That all sounds fantastic, right?

And indeed it is! We’re extremely excited to say the least! But the real star of the show (apart from our winners of course!) is our MC – the hostess with mostest – the courageous, the controversial, the colourful, the Queen of Ireland, Dr. Panti Bliss!!


As someone who needs no introduction, Panti is no stranger to the stage. She was the previous resident host of the annual Alternative Miss Ireland pageant, as well as the predominant voice in the Same Sex Marriage Referendum campaign. Throw in sold-out shows, a memoir, a career spanning decades and a bar that lights up Capel Street – and you’ve got the perfect addition to the creative genius that lies behind the campaigns and projects seen throughout all the eir Spider categories.


As an activist and entertainer, Panti is the perfect blend of eloquence and extravagance. We’re sure she will make the eir Spiders’ 21st birthday the most memorable to date.