Spike from NewsWhip share their eirSpiders’ story!

November 22nd, 2016 Spike from NewsWhip share their eirSpiders’ story!

Described as the “one-stop tool for content discovery, news monitoring, and understanding audience interest trends”, Spike from NewsWhip was crowned the eir Spiders’ ultimate champion last year, taking away the Best Use of Data & Web Analytics Award as well as the coveted Grand Prix prize.

With big name clients such as MTV, The Huffington Post, Edelman and Mastercard, Spike from NewsWhip’s success story hasn’t slowed in any way since 2015. They have since grown from about 25 people last autumn to about 50 today.

“We’ve greatly improved our product range and doubled revenues also. We’ve also moved up our ambitions for the company – we see NewsWhip becoming a complete solution for anyone who wants to know what kind of content, authors and influencers win attention in any topic.”


Looking to the future, the Grand Prix winners have big ambitions. They have their sights set on revolutionising content; making it possible for people to find the stories that matter and to tell their stories to the audience that matters. Last year, their innovative product and clever use of data made them the unanimous judges’ choice, a win made even more special as the product team were there on the night to celebrate their work being publically recognised; “it meant a massive amount to them”.

When asked why it’s important to reward the creativity, innovation and achievements of the digital industry in Ireland, the guys at Spike say that the reality today in this country is that we have fantastic work being done by home-grown tech companies – and it’s most certainly worth recognising and celebrating that! Not to mention the boost a win does for your company’s morale; “Great night, and great booster for your team if you win”.

For any company looking to one day be an eir Spiders winner, they advise putting your best, most original work forward as the judges are looking for something stand-out, something completely innovative.

Their #TopTip for anyone just getting going?

“Putting yourself online is not the goal, it’s the first step. Think about how your customer is going to find you. Be ruthlessly realistic!”

The night of the eir Spider Awards is an occasion for celebration and good times – the Spike team says “we loved it – a real break from the hard work to celebrate as a team and dress up nicely too!”

I’m sure we’ll hear more from them in the coming months – check out their website here.


With less than two weeks until this year’s Awards, I wonder who’ll take home the eir Spiders of 2016?