Gareth Dunlop understands the importance of recognising success…

August 9th, 2017


CEO & Founder of Fathom, a user experience consultancy which works with agencies and organisations to improve online performance, Gareth Dunlop attended the first eir Spider Awards back in the 1990s and has been present at most of them since, as well as judging the Awards on multiple occasions.


When deciding to enter, Gareth felt that the eir Spiders were the ideal platform to celebrate their work with their clients. ‘They are the longest-established awards in the Irish internet calendar, and carry real clout and credibility.’

Since winning an eir Spider Award in 2016, Fathom have been doing increasing work with wearables, service design and IoT and Gareth feels that the Awards have had a positive impact on team moral and have given Fathom real credibility in the marketplace, particularly during business development.


Gareth understands the importance of recognising the success of a company’s technological triumphs, and reward the unique driver’s behind them.

‘At a personal level it is very rewarding for the team, who work so hard all year long, to have their work recognised and to be able to enjoy themselves and celebrate on a night out.  From a business perspective it is important to continually wish to better ourselves,  measure ourselves against other businesses and benchmark ourselves internationally’

To those looking to enter their names, Gareth suggests thinking carefully about how your entry might stand out from the pack, with a particular focus on business metrics and KPIs that will clarify your achievements and matter to judges and other businesses alike.

If you, like Gareth, want to benefit from worthy recognition, don’t forget to nominate your company for the eirSpider Awards. Nominations close 27th of September, apply here.