Meet the Judges 2017: Alan Devlin

August 1st, 2017


It’s been an interesting year for eDot, according to its founder and 2017 eir Spiders judge, Alan Devlin. As well as taking on some truly high-profile directors including John O’Donovan, CTO and Robert Mbom, Director of International Business, it is eDot’s second year operating as a VC, ‘we’ve met some truly inspirational entrepreneurs, we have invested in some, helped some grow their business and housed others in our new co-working space’.

eDot are also setting up a Central Bank regulated Fund called an ICAV, and will close €100 million by October this year for investment into growth stage software companies in Ireland and selected parts of Europe. ‘Our new fund will be called the eDot Innovation Fund naturally we are very excited about the prospect of helping Irish tech start-ups reaching their global potential.’

As a part of the eir Spiders judging panel, Alan particularly enjoys the collaborative judging and seeing the process play out. Webfactory won 5 awards while Alan was at the helm and he insists ‘it really helped [ Webfactory’s] profile and added at least 10% to our revenue above standard growth.’

In Alan’s opinion the entries in the past have been strong, considered and illuminating and he suggests that anyone considering entering in this year’s awards should ‘be succinct, be bold, and be clear.’