Meet the Judges 2017: Robert Farrell

August 1st, 2017

Robert Farrell

Course Director at the Digital Marketing Academy of Ireland, Robert Farrell believes that Ireland’s adoption of digital technology and digital marketing has been a key element in our recent economic success.

‘2016 saw huge increases in online spending and ecommerce website traffic but we also saw our share of revenue from international shoppers decline significantly. This highlights the need to continue developing our digital presence on the global stage.’

As an educator Robert feels that eLearning is transforming education just as digital transformed marketing, and having judged the eir Junior Spider Awards previously he is extremely familiar with the eir Spider Awards and feels they are different from other award ceremonies in Ireland.

‘Digital excellence is at the core of the eir Spider Awards and there is a commitment to ensuring that the judges, entrants and winners meet the highest possible standards. As a judge, you need to have in-depth knowledge of your categories and be able to justify why you believe a certain organisation deserves to win compared to the other entrants.’

The best part of being involved in the judging process for Robert is seeing how Irish companies and agencies keep up to date with the latest digital trends compared to their international counterparts and thinks even the process of making a submission is beneficial as it allows an organisation to critical review their digital performance, develop their knowledge and work together to promote their organisation.

What is Robert’s advice for businesses looking to differentiate themselves in the tech space? ‘Find inspiration wherever you can, this can inside and outside of your industry. Keep up to date with international best practices and competitors so that you don’t get left behind’