Meet the Judges 2017: Ian Bergin

August 1st, 2017

Ian Bergin

Long-time proponent of online technologies, and current Chief Experience Officer and co-founder of, Ian Bergin is no stranger to the eir Spider Awards and has seen ‘first-hand’ what they can do for a company’s business profile; ‘These awards are prestigious, & getting one can make your efforts to gain new business with a whole new level of credibility.’

Ian is considered a thought-leader in online services, has been a judge in the SIAA CoDIE Awards for cloud service categories since 2012 and has pioneered the ideal in customer-experience-led revenue generation. According  to Ian, the eir Spider Awards ‘the’ awards for anyone in the online/digital space, and is just as enthusiastic about the awards now that he is on the other side of the judging panel.

‘Being able to look behind the scenes at some of the best digital creative out there from Ireland and see how it made a positive impact for those who commissioned it. The story behind the creative is one that rarely gets told outside the walls of the creative offices and it is too often hugely compelling and a real message about its place of importance in today’s business landscape.’

For those creating their entry brief, Ian’s advice is to ‘tell the story’, focusing on your business’s personal narrative and what makes its journey different. Ian insists that regardless of solution size or scale, personality and the ability to be a real person when dealing with customers makes all the difference in the world, and exalts the value of authenticity and understanding –  whether your business is small or a global powerhouse.

When asked what he would say to any business considering entering the awards this year, he had only two words in response: ‘DO IT.’