Interview with 2016 Best Digital Start-Up winner of the Spiders: TenderScout

August 27th, 2018

Interview with TenderScout, Best Digital Start-Up of The Spiders 2016

As part of the #spiderwinners series, we spoke to Tony Corrigan, CEO and Founder of TenderScout, to find out how his company has evolved since they won the Spider Awards in 2016, for Best Digital Start-Up and for the ‘Grand Prix’.

“The Spiders have always been a premier award.”

When Tenderscout entered the awards, they were looking for investments and  struggling to gain credibility.  Winning an award was very impactful for the company and made a big difference in terms of getting investments and taking the business to the next level. With the credibility gained from achieving the award, it became much easier for them to find investors and their first investment. Since then, Tenderscout has won further funding and expanded their business internationally.

“I think, if you are entering awards ceremony the Spiders are really the one you should choose because there is no higher badge of credibility in the Tech industry in Ireland.”

His advice for the next Spiders’ Awards applicants

Tony Corrigan gave precious advice for the next Spiders’ Awards applicants. He thinks that, even if you feel a little unsure of your work, you should enter the awards. A lot of companies do not know how good they are, so it’s a great opportunity to benchmark your work. Even being shortlisted is a badge of honour and it’s something you can build on in the future. Corrigan says that, whether you are successful or not, you will receive press coverage and start to understand what the competition is like and what success might look like.

Best Digital Start-Up winner of the Spiders TenderScout

Trends in the digital startup landscape

We discussed how the digital start-up landscape is evolving in Ireland. Corrigan thinks that, until a few years ago, there was a really good ecosystem for start-ups in the country. For example, when Niamh Bushnell was the Dublin Startups Commissioner she pushed start-ups from the idea stage into becoming a successful reality.  However, this kind of initiative is not really happening right now and the ecosystem isn’t as strong as it used to be. Corrigan thinks that it’s very important for start-ups to meet each other, network with each other, and learn from each other, so that they can thrive successfully.

To nominate your campaign, company or project for the Spiders, you just need to complete the online registration form. Deadline: 26th September at 5pm.

A few words about the company
TenderScout is the most advanced tender discovery, qualification and bid platform in the world. The company helps businesses win more contracts.