Interview with 2017 Best Campaign winner of the Spiders: Core

August 24th, 2018

Interview with Core, Best Campaign of the Spider Awards 2017

As part of the #spiderwinners series, we spoke to Aisling Blake, Chief Digital Officer of Core to find out how her marketing communications company has evolved since they won the Spider Awards last year. Aisling Blake thinks that winning the Spider Award demonstrates not only industry recognition for her team and the work they do but also delivering effective campaigns for their clients that bring in results for their businesses.

Advertising content agency Radical, who won last year’s Best Campaign award, has re-branded to Core. They have recently re-organised their team: creative thinkers, digital natives, designers and UX specialist are now under one roof. Core has evolved a lot since they won the awards. Their new business plan is based on collaboration and integration.

Winning the award for ‘Best Campaign’ was the start of the agency’s transformation. It isn’t just about using digital channels and digital advertising or technology; it is about how you can layer different types of advertising, as well as digital solutions, to really bring a campaign to life.

Her three tips for new applicants

1. Tell a story. It’s very important to take time for crafting a compelling story that will engage with the judges.
2. Don’t use jargon. Try to write and explain your project and campaign with words that anyone can understand no matter what their background or expertise is.
3. Tie any digital initiatives back to business results. It is great to achieve likes, engagements, conversions but how do they ladder up to growing the business and driving results for the business.

Don’t wait. Now is the time to enter the Spider Awards.

Best Campaign of The Spiders 2017

“Winning a Spider Award is also an advantage when approaching new clients.”

A few words about the company
Core is Ireland’s largest marketing communications company. They are now a collective of nine practices: Strategy, Data, Research, Media, Creative, Sponsorship, Recruitment, Investment and Learning working towards a single purpose, to expand the possibilities of what brands can achieve.