Interview with 2017 Best in Social Media winner of the Spiders:

August 25th, 2018

Interview with, Best in Social Media of the Spider Awards 2017

As part of the #spiderwinners series, we spoke to Jules Mahon, Co-founder of, to find out how her company has evolved since they were elected ‘Best in Social Media Optimisation’ last year.

“For us, The Spiders are the longest-running, and most esteemed awards to get in the technology field. To win this award in a room of your peers is just an awesome experience.

Since won the Spider Awards last year, Jules Mahon told us that their social media strategy has evolved even further and their stats have grown significantly. They attracted an international audience that they hadn’t accessed before. From a client perspective, it showed that they really delivered on social media campaigns. From a brand perspective, it’s an amazing distinction because most brands see it’s all about social and video content. That’s really what clients and consumers are looking for: a story. So from a content perspective, social media has been key for them to reach wider audiences.

Jules Mahon says about winning a Spider award that “from a client perspective and from an agency perspective, it really puts us on the map. It shows that our social media strategies are not only tangible as we have a really big reach, but that they are really connected with our communities. Our strategies are working.”

Her advice for the next Spiders applicants

“Make sure you enter. It’s worth it to see what everybody else is doing within the same space as you. If you win your business will gain a high profile. It’s free marketing and instantly, on the night, it’s everywhere – on Twitter and Instagram as well. Not only is it good from a client perspective, but also from a consumer perspective. It’s amazing, the amount of people that came to us, even weeks later,  to congratulate us. Moreover, it’s a brilliant networking event. You get to meet a lot of professionals in the creative industry. Certainly, we had some great ideas but we were also inspired by some of the digital campaigns that were run by some of our competitors on  the night. You can pick up some great ideas.” Best in Social Media of the Spider Awards 2017

Trends on social media

When we spoke about the next trends in social media, she told us that, in her opinion, it will be video creation, podcasts and Instagram. She thinks that Instagram is really taking over as a powerful platform for businesses and it actually drives traffic to the website. She noticed an amazing shift from audience on this platform, particularly for the food industry. People love beautiful imagery of lovely dishes but they also love the life element of stories, where you are immersed in the experience.

To nominate your campaign, company or project for the Spiders, you just need to complete the online registration form. Deadline: 26th September at 5pm.

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