Interview with 2017 Agency of the Year winner of the Spiders: Continuum

August 23rd, 2018

Interview with Continuum, Spider Awards Agency of the Year 2017

As part of the #spiderwinners series, we spoke to Colin Meagle, CEO of The Continuum Group, to find out how Continuum, his digital agency, has evolved since it won the Spider Award last year. Three years ago, The Continuum Group developed an ambitious strategy to shift their market position and to address the needs of different types of clients. Winning the award was a milestone for the agency, endorsing their new strategy, and was the first step of a successful change.

“Winning the Agency of the Year award at the Spiders is a real validation for our staff and for our customers.”

In a very competitive industry with amazing campaigns and projects launched every year, The Spider Awards act as an incentive to challenge your staff to up their game. It is a benchmark for distinction and excellence in digital strategies.

Continuum, Agency of the Year winner, The Spiders 2017.

“It is really important to us to be able to show to our staff and our clients that we are at the level that the industry deems as the best in the country.”

Colin Meagle also shares with us his advice for prospective applicants: “At Continuum, one the pillars of our company’s values is the phrase ‘be deliberate’. When you apply for the Spider Awards, it’s not enough to just show nice concepts or good ideas. It’s really important to see the full execution at that instant of an idea, a project or a campaign so the work in planning, execution, results, and goals that are achieved along the way.”

The ethos of The Continuum Group is #neverstandstill, and this promises surprises and successes to come.

Don’t wait. Now is the time to enter the Spider Awards.

A few words about the company
The Continuum Group is a collection of six companies who deliver award-winning digital channels, thanks to excellent planning and digital transformation strategy: Continuum, Trilabyrinth, Tribe, Bxp Software, App.laud and NTES.