Interview with 2017 Best in UX winner of The Spiders: Fillit

September 27th, 2018

Interview with Fillit, Best in UX of the Spider Awards 2017

As part of the #spiderwinners series, we spoke to Will Secor, Product Owner of Fillit, to find out how his startup has evolved since they won the Spider Awards last yearfor Best in UX.

For Fillit, winning the Best in UX Spider Award last year was an important validation from the largest tech companies with whom they were building world-class UX. Created two years ago, this Irish start-up connects people with spaces for promotions, pop-ups and events. UX is everything for this company. Will Secor adds “we regularly talk to our clients and are really attentive to their needs. It’s good to see that all these efforts are paying off and that the industry is acknowledging all our work”.

“Winning at the Spiders opened a lot of doors for us. It was very big. We were able to have conversations that we weren’t open to us before, and we actually had a bit more clout within the industry. Some of our customers were sceptical about using our product but seeing a spider award logo on the site reassured them that they would have a User Experience they could trust.”

Best in UX winner of The Spiders: Fillit

Since they won the award, Fillit has been really proud of their UX over the last year. They seized the opportunities offered by the award, and challenged themselves to build even better UX for their clients. The Spider award was a great source of inspiration for their next projects for their customers.

Top tips for new applicants

Secor’s advice, for the next Spider Award applicants, is that you must  be able to craft a story about the impact that your campaign or product is making on the industry and for your customers. For Will Secor, good UX is all about applying the fundamentals. First, listen to your customers and be empathetic.

Ask yourself these questions: What are their emotional and material needs? What platform are they using? Why are they using your product? Then, build a story from there. Build a best in class user journey from that process. Don’t focus on the design or functionalities but focus on the user.

And finally, keep it light and simple. It’s important to have a platform/product where changes can be made quickly.

To nominate your campaign, company or project for the Spiders, you just need to complete the online registration formExtended deadline to 3rd October at 5pm.

About the company
Fillit’s mission is to get people to Rethink Space, not just how space is used, but how it could be used. This Irish Startup connects people with space for promotions, pop-ups and events. They already won many awards.