Sponsor Announcement – Irish Times Training

September 16th, 2019

Sponsor Announcement – Irish Times Training – proud sponsor of the Best in Social Media

Irish Times Training has over 40 years of experience delivering professional education & skills training. As a subsidiary of The Irish Times, we deliver the highest quality training in Soft Skills & Communications, Management & Leadership and Digital Marketing. Our digital marketing programmes are delivered by top industry professionals with the opportunity to specialise in key areas such as Content Marketing, or master all the essentials with the full Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Irish Times Training programmes can be tailored to your individual needs and delivered nationwide on an in-company basis or you can choose from one of over 40 public courses delivered in Dublin City Centre.

‘Ultimately – it’s all about trust. Social media has become more than just a platform to promote products, services, and content. It provides organisations with the opportunity to establish authority, form emotional connections with audiences and deliver direct customer support. The best social media strategies build trust between a company and its followers and, as an organisation that values trust above all; this category was the ideal choice for Irish Times Training.’

Nominations for Best in Social Media close September 20th > Enter Here 

For more information on sponsorship opportunities for this event contact Brian at brian@thespiders.ie.