Partner Announcement – ŠKODA Ireland

March 14th, 2022 Partner Announcement – ŠKODA Ireland

Since 1993, ŠKODA Ireland has been providing Simply Clever cars to suit the everyday needs of people in Ireland.
Throughout the years, ŠKODA Ireland has cemented itself as an automotive brand that understands the diversity of Irish car drivers through its range of stylish yet practical cars. From our resolutely sensible small FABIA Hatch, to our 7-seater family SUV, KODIAQ, ŠKODA is Made for Ireland.
This dedication to localize the best of what ŠKODA Auto Group has to offer to Irish consumers, and adapting to the ever changing landscape of the industry has led ŠKODA Ireland to become the 3rd best automotive brand in Ireland as of 2022.
In the last few years, companies from every industry has had to adapt to the unexpected circumstances that came from the worldwide pandemic. Many companies have had to digitally transform their business in rapid pace in order to survive. And while many did survive, others thrived in part through embarking on digital initiatives that went above and beyond the bottom line.
This is why we are so delighted to partner with this year’s the Spider Awards to sponsor the “Digital for Good” category to honor those brands who used the digital to add value not only to their business, but to their local communities as well.