The Spiders are Ireland’s leading technology awards

The Winners of the Spiders 2018

November 30th, 2018

Last night saw the 23rd annual Spider Awards take place in the RDS Concert Hall. Since joining the DTS group earlier this year, there was a fresh feel to the distinguished event which left guests singing and dancing the night away after battling it out to be named one of the country’s best.

DTS CEO, Will Brighting said, “Now in its 23rd year, The Spiders has been appreciating home-grown tech talent since the internet dial tone of the 1990s. It has not only born witness to Ireland’s transforming digital landscape, but has also offered commendation and encouragement to young and established companies as they have attempted to forge new ground in this unchartered technological territory. Dublin Tech Summit is thrilled to welcome the Spiders under its umbrella and we hope to marry our youth and energy with the Spider’s prestige and experience to develop a digital awards event for Ireland’s rapidly progressing tech-focused future.”

Hosted by Newstalk Tech Correspondent Jess Kelly, the Spiders are renowned for having incredibly high standards and this year was no exception. So who took the top spot?

Best App

Vhi Healthcare Mobile Health Assistant by Ribot

Best in Content Creation for Digital Media

The University of Limerick’s Multimodal Education Ecosystem by 256 Media

Best in Mobile Commerce & Transactions

AIB Mobile Banking App by AIB

Large Agency of the Year


Best Campaign

Innovate to Evolve & Grow – by Core Optimisation

Best Co-Working Space


Best Startup


International Growth Award Product Development by Flender and Fathom

Tech for Good

Homelight by Graphic Mint

Best in User Experience & Design

Aviva Stadium by Kooba

Best in Education & eLearning

World Rugby eLearning by Setanta College

Best in Publishing & Media

Small Agency of the Year

Tribe Digital

Best in Travel, Tourism & Sport

“” by Zesty

Best in Business to Business


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Announcing our ‘Founder Award’ recipients, Sinead Fitzmaurice & Terry Clune of Transfermate Global Payments

November 23rd, 2018

We are delighted to announce the winner of the inaugural ‘Founder Award‘ at the Spiders 2018, Sinead Fitzmaurice & Terry Clune from Transfermate Global Payments.

Terry & Sinead’s story is a true Irish success story.  Founded in 2010 by Terry & Sinead, TransferMate Global Payments has grown to become the global choice for businesses worldwide that send and receive foreign currency payments.

Sinead Fitzmaurice Transfermate Global Payments      Terry Clune Transfermate Global Payments

Terry Clune, CEO & Co-Founder, was named as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009 and the 2010 as well as receiving the HSBC European Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Sinead, CFO & CO-Founder, has over 20 years’ experience in senior manager roles within the financial services sector and named as one of The Top 100 Most Innovative & Influential CFO’s in Ireland.

TransferMate boasts one of the world’s largest currency settlement networks, with regulatory approvals in 50 States of the USA, Canada, Europe wide and Australia and is accelerating its US expansion plans with key appointments and the opening of 3 offices across Americas, namely New York, San Francisco and Chicago.

Having secured exclusive partnerships with some of the world’s largest banks, Transfermate is a genuine Fintech success story, and we are delighted to announce the ‘Founder Award’ to Terry Clune & Sinead Fitzmaurice.


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Announcing our Digital Trailblazer recipient, Mark Little

October 26th, 2018

We are delighted to announce that this year, we are awarding the Digital Trailblazer to Mark Little.

Mark has revolutionised the way we validate, distribute and consume media content. His vision, entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take a risk has already resulted in the creation of two trailblazing businesses while inspiring others to make their mark through positive disruption.

Mark Little

Mark Little is CEO of Kinzen, an Irish start-up that wants to give every individual control of their daily news routine. Mark spent 20 years in broadcast news, as a foreign correspondent and TV anchor for RTE. In 2010, he founded the world’s first social news agency Storyful, which was sold to News Corp. He was Twitter’s VP of media partnerships in Europe and the MD of its International Headquarters in Dublin. He co-founded his second start-up in October 2017 with former Storyful colleagues Aine Kerr and Paul Watson.

We look forward to having him with us at the Spiders to accept his award.

Meet him and buy your tickets for the 2018 Spider Awards.

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Magnet Networks announced as premium sponsors of The Spiders

October 19th, 2018

The cloud telecoms provider announced as premium sponsor of new-look Spider Awards.

The awards, to be held at the RDS on November 29, celebrate Ireland’s most innovative and creative digital technology SMEs and start-ups, and will recognise the extraordinary achievements of teams, founders and CEOs.

Magnet Networks has been providing fibre broadband to homes and businesses since being established in 2004, and this year saw telecoms veteran Stephen Brewer – who has previously held CEO positions at Vodafone, Cable & Wireless and Digicel – take over the management of the Irish business.

“The Spiders celebrate excellence across a range of industries, and as Ireland’s leading cloud technology provider we see the awards as a perfect fit” said Magnet Networks Ireland Managing Director Stephen Brewer.

Stephen Brewer Magnet Networks

Receiving a Spiders award is one of the market’s most sought-after recognitions for digital, web, community and brand excellence. This year the Spiders have joined the Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) family and its X Summits umbrella which also includes the Women in Tech Awards and its expanding Tech Summits.

This article was originally published in the Business & Finance on September 10th 2018.

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The Spiders is almost upon us – who will be crowned the Best in the Business? (Press Release)

October 3rd, 2018

The Spiders is almost upon us – who will be crowned the Best in the Business?

With only a few weeks left to go until Spiders 2018, the competition is heating up.

After coming under the umbrella of Dublin Tech Summit, The Spider Awards, Ireland’s longest standing technology awards, will soon be upon us with a whole new look & feel for its 23rd year. Will Brightling, CEO of Dublin Tech Summit says: “The Spiders is singlehandedly the highest level of accreditation for digital excellence in Ireland. The awards has been witness and driver of digital growth and progress in the Irish SME market for the past 22 years, and will continue to be a benchmark of association for digital capabilities and competencies. DTS is proud to take over the Spiders, to continue and mirror the growth of technology in Ireland, and champion Irelands burgeoning SME and startup community.”

The Spiders is now under the DTS umbrella

Taking place on Thursday 29th November in the RDS Concert Hall, The Spiders will celebrate the best Ireland has to offer in digital, from SME’s and Start-Ups to established agencies, the awards will continue to recognise the extraordinary achievements of teams, founders and CEO’s.

Hosting the event this year will be Jess Kelly. With her background as Newstalk Tech Correspondent and having attended the event over the years Jess says: “The Spiders are like the Oscars of the online world, so I’m obviously delighted to be involved. It’s great to see so many different brands and businesses getting recognised for the brilliant work they’re doing.”

Nominations for the Spider Awards have been extended for one final week so get yours in before October 10th.


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Interview with 2017 Grand Prix winner of the Spiders: Rubicoin

October 1st, 2018

Interview with Rubicoin, Grand Prix winner of the Spider Awards 2017

As part of the #spiderwinners series, we spoke to Emmet Savage, CEO and Co-Founder of Rubicoin, to find out how his start-up has evolved since it won the Grand Prix at the Spider Awards last year, as well as the prize for Best Digital Start-Up.

To nominate your campaign, company or project for the Spiders, you just need to complete the online registration formExtended deadline to 10th October at 5pm.


Founded in 2012, Rubicoin helps people on their journey towards becoming successful investors. Since this Irish fintech start-up won the Spiders last year, it has increased its usership by about 750,000 people, doubled its staff and significantly increased revenue.

The day after Rubicoin won the awards, the company had their annual general meeting of shareholders, and were pleased to share their great achievement. Emmet confirmed that it was very reassuring for shareholders to see Rubicoin win the two Spider awards, as it meant they were backing a business with aspirations and the ability to achieve greatness.

“The Spider Awards is the highest accolade you can receive in Ireland in the digital field. It’s been around for over twenty years so it has tenure and recognition and it also allows you to promote your business if you are lucky enough to win.” said Emmet.

Emmet’s advice for your applications

My first piece of advice for an applicant is to use video because a “picture paints a thousand words”. The judges will love seeing your business, hearing about it from the inside, and having a look around your office

My second piece of advice is to talk about your mission and your vision. You have to have a vision for how you’re going to change your part of the world so you need to make that clear to the judges. It should not only be about what you are out to do but what you’ve achieved today.

2017 Grand Prix winner of the Spiders: Rubicoin

Trends in the digital startup landscape

According to Emmet Savage, there are a few trends in the digital world. The first is the move to mobile; there are a lot of businesses that are mobile-first or mobile-only now. Rubicoin is mobile-only. They have a website but it’s simply to offer a window into their universe and product offering prior to downloading either app.

Another trend is community. More and more businesses are building a community amongst their users whether they are b2b or b2c. Other giants of the Irish business world, such as Intercom, are creating a mechanism to allow businesses to embrace their community.

The third trend is customer experience and user experience design. Businesses are getting far more interested in making sure that their products are easy to use, beautiful to use, and fulfill a very important function.

To nominate your campaign, company or project for the Spiders, you just need to complete the online registration formExtended deadline to 10th October at 5pm.

About the company
Rubicoin helps people to take control of their financial future through investing on the stock market.

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Interview with 2016 Best Financial Services winner of the Spiders: KBC

October 1st, 2018

Interview with KBC, Best Financial Services winner of the Spider Awards 2016

As part of the #spiderwinners series, we spoke to Petrina Grady, Head of Contact Centre of KBC, to find out how her company has evolved since it won the Spider Awards in 2016 for Best Financial Services. KBC won the financial services award at the Spiders for its digital on boarding application.

To nominate your campaign, company or project for the Spiders, you just need to complete the online registration formExtended deadline to 10th October at 5pm.


By winning the Spider Awards, it reinforced the message that KBC does not work as a traditional bank. KBC uses digital technology to make banking easier, simpler, personalised, and quicker. “As we know, The Spider Award nominees are from a wide range of digital technology industries so it helped KBC showcase the technology and innovative solutions that we were delivering for our customers.” said Head of Contact Centre of KBC, Petrina Grady.

“The Spider Awards are the most prestigious digital technology award ceremony in the market, and to be a part of them gives companies much sought-after recognition. It also helps companies compare how they’re doing next to other industry experts, and share knowledge and learning with those companies.” Petrina Grady.

Petrina’s advice for your applications

Petrina Grady’s key advice for the next applicants is not to forget the wider benefits that you can get from entering the Spider Awards. “It is absolutely fantastic to win an award, but even with that aside it gives you an opportunity to speak and share knowledge with industry experts in the field.” said Petrina.

KBC, Best Financial Services winner of the Spider Awards 2016

Trends in the financial services

Customers have never been as demanding as they are now, with expectations extremely high. Digital technology has created this level of expectation. Companies need to redefine how customers engage with and use their products and services.

KBC recognizes that one of the key trends is to collaborate with fintechs, as expertise can come from different areas. Working together is key to create a better, and quicker, customer solution. For KBC, it’s really important to keep an eye on what technologies will come in the future, and how it can help customers use those technologies in their banking (ex: virtual reality and voice search).  The idea is to find a way using those types of technologies to make banking easier.

To nominate your campaign, company or project for the Spiders, you just need to complete the online registration formExtended deadline to 10th October at 5pm.

About the company
KBC, Ireland’s digital-first bank, has been providing banking services in Ireland for 40 years. Last year, KBC launched a new app to revolutionise account openings. Since KBC won the award, it has developed and launched a range of new digital propositions. Customers can now apply for an overdraft or a personal loan via their mobile app in five steps and it only takes five minutes. Moreover, it has launched a range of digital wallets, and most recently it has enhanced its card service offerings. So customers can access a range of card services via their mobile app. They can block a card or order a replacement card for a lost or stolen card. There is a lot more to come. Watch this space.

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Interview with 2017 Best in UX winner of The Spiders: Fillit

September 27th, 2018

Interview with Fillit, Best in UX of the Spider Awards 2017

As part of the #spiderwinners series, we spoke to Will Secor, Product Owner of Fillit, to find out how his startup has evolved since they won the Spider Awards last yearfor Best in UX.

For Fillit, winning the Best in UX Spider Award last year was an important validation from the largest tech companies with whom they were building world-class UX. Created two years ago, this Irish start-up connects people with spaces for promotions, pop-ups and events. UX is everything for this company. Will Secor adds “we regularly talk to our clients and are really attentive to their needs. It’s good to see that all these efforts are paying off and that the industry is acknowledging all our work”.

“Winning at the Spiders opened a lot of doors for us. It was very big. We were able to have conversations that we weren’t open to us before, and we actually had a bit more clout within the industry. Some of our customers were sceptical about using our product but seeing a spider award logo on the site reassured them that they would have a User Experience they could trust.”

Best in UX winner of The Spiders: Fillit

Since they won the award, Fillit has been really proud of their UX over the last year. They seized the opportunities offered by the award, and challenged themselves to build even better UX for their clients. The Spider award was a great source of inspiration for their next projects for their customers.

Top tips for new applicants

Secor’s advice, for the next Spider Award applicants, is that you must  be able to craft a story about the impact that your campaign or product is making on the industry and for your customers. For Will Secor, good UX is all about applying the fundamentals. First, listen to your customers and be empathetic.

Ask yourself these questions: What are their emotional and material needs? What platform are they using? Why are they using your product? Then, build a story from there. Build a best in class user journey from that process. Don’t focus on the design or functionalities but focus on the user.

And finally, keep it light and simple. It’s important to have a platform/product where changes can be made quickly.

To nominate your campaign, company or project for the Spiders, you just need to complete the online registration formExtended deadline to 3rd October at 5pm.

About the company
Fillit’s mission is to get people to Rethink Space, not just how space is used, but how it could be used. This Irish Startup connects people with space for promotions, pop-ups and events. They already won many awards.

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Interview with 2016 Best Digital Start-Up winner of the Spiders: TenderScout

August 27th, 2018

Interview with TenderScout, Best Digital Start-Up of The Spiders 2016

As part of the #spiderwinners series, we spoke to Tony Corrigan, CEO and Founder of TenderScout, to find out how his company has evolved since they won the Spider Awards in 2016, for Best Digital Start-Up and for the ‘Grand Prix’.

“The Spiders have always been a premier award.”

When Tenderscout entered the awards, they were looking for investments and  struggling to gain credibility.  Winning an award was very impactful for the company and made a big difference in terms of getting investments and taking the business to the next level. With the credibility gained from achieving the award, it became much easier for them to find investors and their first investment. Since then, Tenderscout has won further funding and expanded their business internationally.

“I think, if you are entering awards ceremony the Spiders are really the one you should choose because there is no higher badge of credibility in the Tech industry in Ireland.”

His advice for the next Spiders’ Awards applicants

Tony Corrigan gave precious advice for the next Spiders’ Awards applicants. He thinks that, even if you feel a little unsure of your work, you should enter the awards. A lot of companies do not know how good they are, so it’s a great opportunity to benchmark your work. Even being shortlisted is a badge of honour and it’s something you can build on in the future. Corrigan says that, whether you are successful or not, you will receive press coverage and start to understand what the competition is like and what success might look like.

Best Digital Start-Up winner of the Spiders TenderScout

Trends in the digital startup landscape

We discussed how the digital start-up landscape is evolving in Ireland. Corrigan thinks that, until a few years ago, there was a really good ecosystem for start-ups in the country. For example, when Niamh Bushnell was the Dublin Startups Commissioner she pushed start-ups from the idea stage into becoming a successful reality.  However, this kind of initiative is not really happening right now and the ecosystem isn’t as strong as it used to be. Corrigan thinks that it’s very important for start-ups to meet each other, network with each other, and learn from each other, so that they can thrive successfully.

To nominate your campaign, company or project for the Spiders, you just need to complete the online registration form. Deadline: 26th September at 5pm.

A few words about the company
TenderScout is the most advanced tender discovery, qualification and bid platform in the world. The company helps businesses win more contracts.


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Interview with 2017 Best in Social Media winner of the Spiders:

August 25th, 2018

Interview with, Best in Social Media of the Spider Awards 2017

As part of the #spiderwinners series, we spoke to Jules Mahon, Co-founder of, to find out how her company has evolved since they were elected ‘Best in Social Media Optimisation’ last year.

“For us, The Spiders are the longest-running, and most esteemed awards to get in the technology field. To win this award in a room of your peers is just an awesome experience.

Since won the Spider Awards last year, Jules Mahon told us that their social media strategy has evolved even further and their stats have grown significantly. They attracted an international audience that they hadn’t accessed before. From a client perspective, it showed that they really delivered on social media campaigns. From a brand perspective, it’s an amazing distinction because most brands see it’s all about social and video content. That’s really what clients and consumers are looking for: a story. So from a content perspective, social media has been key for them to reach wider audiences.

Jules Mahon says about winning a Spider award that “from a client perspective and from an agency perspective, it really puts us on the map. It shows that our social media strategies are not only tangible as we have a really big reach, but that they are really connected with our communities. Our strategies are working.”

Her advice for the next Spiders applicants

“Make sure you enter. It’s worth it to see what everybody else is doing within the same space as you. If you win your business will gain a high profile. It’s free marketing and instantly, on the night, it’s everywhere – on Twitter and Instagram as well. Not only is it good from a client perspective, but also from a consumer perspective. It’s amazing, the amount of people that came to us, even weeks later,  to congratulate us. Moreover, it’s a brilliant networking event. You get to meet a lot of professionals in the creative industry. Certainly, we had some great ideas but we were also inspired by some of the digital campaigns that were run by some of our competitors on  the night. You can pick up some great ideas.” Best in Social Media of the Spider Awards 2017

Trends on social media

When we spoke about the next trends in social media, she told us that, in her opinion, it will be video creation, podcasts and Instagram. She thinks that Instagram is really taking over as a powerful platform for businesses and it actually drives traffic to the website. She noticed an amazing shift from audience on this platform, particularly for the food industry. People love beautiful imagery of lovely dishes but they also love the life element of stories, where you are immersed in the experience.

To nominate your campaign, company or project for the Spiders, you just need to complete the online registration form. Deadline: 26th September at 5pm.

A few words about the company is an online magazine dedicated to Ireland’s growing food culture. They bring you the best food, drink and travel experiences every month.

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